How to plan a Business Trip with Children

When traveling for business trip, it’s usually a good idea to leave the kids at home in the care of family. However, at times you have to take your children with you on a business trip.

When planning such a business trip, keep the age of the child in mind and select a hotel that provides activities for your child’s age group and interests. Look for hotels that offer baby care services as well as their safety.

Things to know before leaving for a business trip

Before leaving home, find out if your company provides on-site child care for employees at the destination office. If not, check into daycare providers nearby.

You might also consider hiring a nanny or au-pair to accompany you and your child on the trip. While this is a more expensive option, you will have greater peace of mind and the child is likely to be feel more comfortable, as she will be spending her time with someone you have selected, as opposed to being left at a strange day care center.

Spend time with your child. Meet for lunch, go out to dinner, do some sightseeing, or take in a movie. Even though you are on a business trip, plan to do some vacation type things with your child.

Arrange for activities while you are working. Hire a local teenager, (ask local co-workers for names) to take your child to a local library or museum while you are gone.

If you travel to one work location frequently, you may even be able to share a local employee’s day care provider while you are there.

Finally, some companies understand the need for their employees to bring children along and have arrangements for the asking. Amenities like company rented houses, babysitting co-ops and onsite day care can make the trip more enjoyable for your child and more productive for you.

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