Top 4 mistakes to avoid when managing a sales team

Establish a great sales team

You know that situation in which you have a great sales team, your product or service is really in the premium category, your prices are good and, yet, somehow, you can’t manage to make the sales you need to? It can happen to every sales manager and along with it comes the frustration of not understanding what the problem is. You keep seeking answers and, yet, you find none. Theoretically, you have the key of success in your hands; practically, somehow, you can’t open the doors you need.

Sometimes, when it comes to the performance of a sales team, things can get tricky and you can make some mistakes that will result in low performance even if your team is great and your product or service fantastic.

Here are four of the most common mistakes when managing a sales team:

You don’t keep track of the actions that were taken

After a while, keeping track of every action can be difficult. This is the reason why most sales managers focus mostly on the results and numbers, constantly thinking about improving them. But history has taught us that “how” is crucial if we want to find out the “why”. So, in order to find out why the results look in a certain way, you need to keep track of what was done, when it was done and what were the consequences. Only by analyzing the past you can find solutions for the future.

Another common mistake is the abundance of sales meetings

You want to motivate your team, you want to set goals, brainstorm or celebrate a success; that’s great. But you also need to keep in mind that those meetings take time that could be spent by actually doing sales. So, when you’re keeping your team in a meeting, be aware of the fact that they could have used that time to try and make more sales. Yes, sales meetings are necessary, but don’t exaggerate with them.

You give bottom-line ultimatums which are unrealistic

You need to pay attention to your sales team, see what works and analyze how they move. You need to adapt your company’s plan to the reality of the market and to the capacity of your sales team. Unrealistic metrics demotivate your team and make them sell even less than they would normally sell.

You keep pushing them to constantly update the CRM database

You are making them lose precious time and energy. Yes, having an updated CRM is crucial to the success of every business, but you don’t need to crush the energy of your sales team for it. You can always use smart software, like AutoMagic Sync that automatically syncs Google contacts and data with Sales force. For example, AutoMagic Sync integrates Google calendar with the Salesforce calendar without requiring any effort from your team. Moreover, it offers you complete Salesforce integration with Gmail, without any effort from your team so that you can benefit from an updated database without making your team waste time on manually updating the CRM. Visit and find out more about AutoMagic Sync.

If you learn to avoid all those mistakes you will see in no time how the productivity of your team increases and by doing these simple actions you will finally get the results you strive for.

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