Top 7 Ways to Promote Your business product with low cost marketing plan

How to promote your business through marketing strategies

Managed and economical marketing plan

The most important thing about a campaign is not about how much MONEY you spend on it, but how creative and well thought through it is. Therefore, don’t hesitate to make see if there is a way to get your message through to the potential customers without spending a fortune on it. Of course, there is no way to promote it without spending a dime, but you will be able to save a lot if your MARKETING plan is well made.

Use the Internet -social networks

Write a blog, make a site, make accounts on all possible social networks and advertise to just the type of people you like. Once you make your own page, people who need something that you have to offer will come to you on their own. Therefore, it is a great idea to go online and take advantage of this situation as you will be able to make precious relations with your customers and get amazing feedback. This is all for free, but in time, you will be able to think about INVESTING into some Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Advertise locally

The first money that you will earn will come from the people in your own street and your own neighborhood. Therefore, once you start your business, advertise it there first. Give away fliers and promotional material on the corner of your street. They don’t have to be fancy and perfectly made, but they can also be something that you have printed out at home on your own printer. It’s low cost and effective at the same time. In time, you will be able to make better posters and printed material.

Join with a similar company

This is a very good way to split the costs of advertising. Make a campaign with a business that sells similar thing to the same target group. If you sell printer ink, join with a printer producer and go out together in a campaign. Offer free samples of your product for the buyers of that brand of printers or offer discounts for the same buyers. They can do the same and you can split the costs of advertising that campaign.

Be careful with the printed ads-coupons

These ads are very effective, as well as the coupons and vouchers that you give out in them. However, you can cut down your advertising costs in these newspapers if you cut down the size of your coupons and ads in half. Quarter of a page will not be two times less effective as the half of that same page but it will be half as pricey. The same goes for the coupons as well. It is more important that it has a catchy phrase than to be big and flashy.

Sponsor events

If you really want to be a word of the day, sponsor an event or charity and let the good word spread on its own. This will give you a good name and it will make you popular locally which is a precious advantage in any way.

Good campaign at low cost

If you follow these tips, you will definitely be able to have a good campaign at a very low cost. However, don’t turn every coin five times before spending it on MARKETING as that kind of money always comes back double.

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